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Leading Edge Only – Innovation Platform

Discover. Connect. Innovate.

Leading Edge Only (LEO) is the world’s largest Global Innovation Platform that matches businesses with world-class innovators, in over 120 countries, to make innovation accessible for everyone.

LEO’s mission is to find innovative solutions for clients to help them solve their business challenges. LEO also helps to get innovations voices heard!

Overall you can:

  • Post innovation challenges on the platform and reach a global audience in minutes.
  • Existing clients achieve a 96% success rate in using the platform to find innovative solutions to challenges.
  • LEO can reduce your time and costs in finding relevant innovations by up to 90%
  • LEO works closely with research institutions so they can showcase their technologies and expertise in dedicated University portals.

Some examples of challenges currently on the platform:

  • Carbon tracking & tracing
  • PCB carbon footprint reduction
  • Reduced emissions from diesel combustion
  • Process emissions within wastewater treatment
  • AI & Machine Learning in food and beverage product development


More Info on LEO Here



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