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The East of England Economic Summit

In November 2021, ICAEW will release its latest Business Confidence Monitor™ report, one of the largest and most comprehensive quarterly reviews of UK business confidence providing a regular snapshot of the economy informed by senior business professionals running all types of businesses across the UK. This, in conjunction with a summary from an external high profile stakeholder and your opportunity to input into local discussions, makes this event one not to be missed as we consider the question “How can the local professional community help organisations assess business risks and opportunities in 2022?

Your input will be sought through participation in a breakout room of your choosing which you will select when registering. Here panellists will examine the economic landscape of the locality and the key risks /opportunities unique to the county utilising key themes that align with the latest ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor™ research. After each panellist has introduced themselves, the Chair will pose questions to generate ideas for the future economic prosperity of the locality and take questions from the audience via the chat facility.

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