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Net Zero and your Supply Chain

May 26, 2021
Net Zero and your Supply Chain
Virtual Meeting

Make UK’s ‘Demystifying Net Zero’ series aims to build awareness and understanding of net zero. The series is structured as a progressive learning curve, from the basics (What is net zero and why do I need to pay attention?) to funding, measuring emissions, reporting, and finally setting a strategy. It will demonstrate that business can participate in helping our planet and that it can be done in a cost neutral manner and will ultimately lead to profit and resilience.

Net Zero, along with digitalisation, is driving innovation, new and more sustainable production and business models, and many opportunities are to be seized.

While UK’s manufacturers contend with the consequences of the EU exit and battle with Covid-19, ‘Net Zero’ has undoubtedly become a mainstream topic and is here to stay as the challenge becomes more and more pressing. For the UK industry this means, according to the UN Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The UK Government is ramping up its domestic strategies to align with the latest CCC’S Net Zero Pathway to 2050 and, as the host of the UN Climate Change Conference in November, is keen to demonstrate its global leadership by example.

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