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MNMG Q2 - 2021

The second MNMG of the year takes place virtually, hearing the latest from NAAME and a showcase of our regional businesses; Natural Building Systems, showcasing their innovative carbon neutral housing systems and ‘An Insight To’ CamdenBoss! hearing about their expansion plans and investment in a new facility.


15:00 – Introduction to MNMG | William Bridgman, Chairman MNMG Chairman & Chairman, Warren Services

15:05 – Introduction to NAAME | James Williamson, Project Manager, NAAME

15:15 – An Insight Into: Natural Building Systems | Chloe Donovan, Director of Operations

15:35 – An Insight Into: CamdenBoss | Katy Davies, Managing Director

15:55 – Is Solar worth it? | Ivy Solar

16:05 – Round Table Discussion

16:30 – AOB & Close


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