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Innovate UK’s Materials Research Exchange 2024

Returning in its 10th year, MRE’s Advanced Materials for the Future Conference. Full of new insights about material research and innovations taking place across the UK. Find targeted seminars on a range of cutting-edge areas such as materials for net zero across a number of sectors. This event enables collaboration between industry and academic communities. The event is sponsored by The Henry Royce Institute.

What can you expect?

We are planning for targeted seminars on a range of cutting-edge areas such as materials for net zero. We will be holding sessions on technology transfer from UK’s world class research base, with a focus on high performance, net zero materials required by key sectors such as transport, medical, construction, packaging, clothing and other wearables. The event is designed to enable closer collaboration between industry and the materials research and innovation community.

This year, alongside our main Advanced Materials for the Future Conference, we are introducing four exciting flagship events:

  • Circular Critical Materials Conference
  • Reimagining Materials and Manufacturing Showcase
  • Global Research and Innovation in Plastics Sustainability Conference
  • Investor Showcase.
Expected Outcomes
  • Connect UK research and innovation excellence in advanced materials with UK product manufacturers and investors to collaborate and exploit latest advances.
  • Provide a platform to attract international interests in UK advanced materials research, leading to export opportunities and inward investments.

Follow the link below to register, view exhibitor opportunities, and find out more about the event.

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