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Future Fusion: Exploring Robotics & Cobots in Action

Cost-effective, safe, and flexible to deploy are just some of the benefits of incorporating robotics into your production processes. But what are the realities of their uses in action?

According to MAKEUK research, nearly half of manufacturers have an active plan to invest in digital technologies to decarbonise their business, with some 62% of companies already adopted digital technologies into their production processes reported saving money.

Join Elmdale, Igus, and Miganglia for a demonstration and Q&A session, as they showcase the specific uses of industrial robotics and co-bots.

What to Expect:

A relaxed session around robotics, specifically the uses of co-bots & industrial robotics.

Hear from three leading companies in the manufacture of robotics and co-bots in England.

Demonstrations showcasing capabilities and the applications where robotics do not have a role.

Ask any questions and get hands on with the demonstrations

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