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Efficiency and production in materials & manufacturing workshop

About the event

The Innovate UK vision for 2050 delves into the challenges and opportunities that lie in front of the UK materials and manufacturing sectors. It is an invitation to reimagine materials and manufacturing together. This sprint was announced in a recent article and focuses on world-class production, which is one of the five core areas of the vision.

For world-class production the UK needs to have flexible production capacity, minimal material waste, high-quality products, high productivity, and adaptable operations. The sprint aims to demonstrate how we could make step changes in manufacturing and production. We will cover novel technologies, methodologies, capabilities, and know-how at the relevant manufacturing scales to deliver the desired environmental, societal, and economic benefits.

Joining this event, you will have the opportunity to engage and network with the manufacturing community and input into how the UK can achieve low carbon world-class production. As part of the workshop, we will explore the role of technology stacks, where each stack looks to joins the dots and has been defined as:

Technology, methodology and capability trends that when combined create a platform to accelerate world-class production.

If you have a production challenge or a solution then we are keen to hear from you and learn about your thoughts on the role of innovation and technology stacks that can bring about disruptive step changes in UK production and resource efficiency, across the materials and manufacturing supply. We want input from manufacturers and solution providers (SME’s and large organisations), investors, policy makers and academics.

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