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Eastern New Energy: Path to Zero Carbon

A series of six online workshops of 2 hours each, including presentations, discussions and networking to support SMEs, charities and enterprises in their path to zero carbon.

This hands-on event will provide you with the opportunity to understand your organisation’s carbon emissions and learn how to monitor them, to write a zero carbon policy, to develop a strategic approach, to draft an action plan, get buy-in within your organisation and find funding. You will also meet with other local professionals looking to reduce their carbon emissions. F

inally, a one-to-one support session with one of our experts will be provided for free. The Path to Zero Carbon series is funded through the Eastern New Energy project and is available for free to eligible local organisations in the East of England.

Eastern New Energy (ENE) is a three-year regional support programme focusing on low and zero-carbon actions and local economic development. It is designed to help local enterprises across the region to understand and remove the barriers that are faced in rapidly decarbonising our communities, buildings, transport, and lives. The programme covers the counties of Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Rutland and parts of Lincolnshire and Essex.

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