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Apply your innovation to a new challenge – Reducing crop loss

What if your technology or research could be used to solve a challenge you’ve never heard of?

A new application for your technology or research could bring new projects, customers, and opportunities to collaborate and develop your innovation further.

Quelea birds causing damage to crops is a real challenge in Africa. We are bringing innovative people together to explore solutions online on 27 April 2023.

This is for you if you are working on innovations in:

  • AI/ modelling
  • Robotics
  • Insurance
  • Bird migration/ behaviour
  • Acoustics
  • Human/ environment interaction
  • Agriculture/ conservation conflict

We are looking for innovative solutions that haven’t been applied to this challenge yet. You don’t need any knowledge of the challenge around quelea birds to attend this event.

You are impacted by quelea birds

Join us if you are impacted by quelea birds and interested in innovations to address your challenges. Hearing from you during the conversation will help innovators adapt their ideas so they are useful to the community.

More information and registration here

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