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Aerospace and Defence: fly into tomorrow

Do you have the engineering expertise to keep up with the rapid pace of change in modern warfare? Are you in the aerospace sector and  feeling under pressure on the race to decarbonise?

Aerospace & Defence is a series of free webinars where you can learn how manufacturers and operators can tackle the challenges ahead. Hear how drones and 3D-printed rockets are transforming our approach to autonomous flight and satellite launches and how to excel in decarbonising the aerospace sector.

The event will cover topics including:

3D printing in aerospace – Opening up new design possibilities

Low/ zero-carbon flight (Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAFs), Hydrogen flight) – Reducing emissions to keep aviation flying

UK space industry (rockets, satellites, new space ports, launches) – Providing new opportunities for a spacefaring nation

Training and talent management – Bridging the skills gap

Space based solar power – Developing the sci-fi style concept

Cyber security – Keeping aircraft safe and secure

Hypersonic weapon development – Meeting the challenges of modern conflict

Space junk – Tackling the challenge of space debris

Autonomous swarms – Adding capabilities to future fighter jet

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