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Digital Manufacturing, An Insight into the Future

Explore the reality of the Photocentric digital journey, straight from the coal face.

Uncover the untapped potential of your manufacturing data and explore funding.

Dive headfirst into the Photocentric Lighthouse Project for a hands-on experience of cutting-edge 3D printing tech.


Photocentric is the inventor of LCD 3D printing and manufacturer of 3D printers, 3D polymers and 3D printed parts, with unique abilities to make large format LCD printers. Currently developing autonomous digital manufacturing processes, Jeni.

SMDH is focussed on enabling SME’s access digital manufacturing tools. The UK Government is giving manufacturing SMEs a boost to their “productivity and competitiveness” through the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH). The new hub and testbed is led by Ulster University and backed by £50m of government funds and business co-investment. The funding is part of the £300m Made Smarter Innovation Challenge, designed to support the development and increased use of new and existing industrial digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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